Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some more Okinawa pics.

We went out on Sunday to show an island newbie around, and revisited a few places we've been to on numerous occasions: Katsuren Castle, Nakagusuku Castle, and Cape Hedo. I won't bombard my loyal blog minions with photos, just some of the highlights, especially from my continuing quest to get the Perfect Shot of Katsuren (tm) and the Perfect Wave Photo (tm). That, and there was a certain Photoshop Abuse Opportunity (tm) that I think has been a long time coming.

First, it was Katsuren, and I think I'm finally satisfied I got a decent shot of the place:
I'm in ur castle, updatin mah Facebook status:
Then it was on to Nakagusuku, where I found a railing covered in weeds, and thought it looked cool enough to take a pic:
Oh, and a butterfly...
And from there, we drove alllllll the way to the north end of the island to check out Cape Hedo, and it was worth it, because the waves were insane:
Gotta love the weather...storming and sunny at the same time:
And I'm finally satisfied that I got the Perfect Wave Photo (tm), or at least one that makes me happy:
And with all the castles we visit, quite frankly, this was inevitable:
My work here is done.

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