Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zakimi Castle and Zanpa Lighthouse

Tomorrow, it's back to work on Meredith Reclaimed, but for today, I needed to spend some time out of the house with my face behind a camera. We visited Cape Zanpa and its lighthouse, which we'd seen before when we first arrived, and also Zakimi Castle, which we'd never visited. We also went to Cape Manzamo, but I've posted pictures of that place numerous times, so I won't bore you with more.

First stop, the castle. And like most castles on this island, it has archways.
Lots of archways.
Cool archways.
Check it out, TWO archways!
Archways and walls.
This is the uppermost enclosure, and the bare, flat spot is where the palace or temple or whatever stood:
(And yes, that's an archway in the background)

Cemetery, viewed from on top of the wall:
The walls of the various castles are usually covered with various tiny plants and creatures. This one's no exception, and I finally managed to get a picture of of the speckled squid lizard:
This tiny, elusive creature rarely shows itself, never mind long enough for me to get a picture. It feeds on bugs and geckos, and usually hides in the crevices, but this one actually came out long enough for me to snap it.

(I'm kidding. It's a plant of some sort.)

A sign that is presumably to warn us that gravity still applies when we're wandering around on top of the walls:
Then it was off to Cape Zanpa. There, we found a little roach coach selling munchies.

And yes...I'm twelve:

Moving right along...behold! The lighthouse:
Rocks and plants:
The obligatory staring bird picture:
Cliffs like the ones we were climbing all over:
The lighthouse, hiding behind some rocks:
Amusing myself with Photoshop...
Eddie, on top of the lighthouse:
Eddie again:
That's all for this trip. More pics to come as we try to cover as much ground as possible during our last couple of months on Okinawa. There probably won't be as many snorkeling pictures for a while, as we're both getting inked, which means spending less time in the water. Where will we go next? Stay tuned...

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