Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brief Update

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and things are finally thinking of possibly starting to wind down. Maybe. If I'm lucky. Give me another week, and I'll be posting more regularly again.

At the moment, I'm knee deep in edits, which is why my progress bar for Where There's Smoke hasn't moved in a few days and why I haven't been able to post much lately. I'm nearly finished with the biggest of those projects, and the other two sitting on my desk won't take as long.

I have two books coming out this month -- Ex Equals and Changing Plans, both from Amber Allure. Updates will be posted as soon as those two are available.

October will mark the end of my time here on Okinawa, and I'll be relocating my adventures to the States. Expect some gaps between posts while I pack, get my cats ready for their flight (don't tell them...), and try to eke out a few more crazy shenanigans around the island. Then I'll be in Seattle from mid-October until sometime in December, at which point the cats and I will join my husband in Nebraska.

So bear with me for a little while. Work is nuts and the overseas move is upon us, but there will be more craziness on this here blog soon. Stick around!


  1. Do the kitties have to stay in quarantine?

  2. Not coming into the States, no. They've been in a rabies-free country for three years, so it won't be an issue.

  3. Hi, Lori...just realized while reading this that I've been following your blog since right before you first moved to Okinawa. (Yeah, I'm a bit of a lurker...sorry about that.) You wrote a post about the 20 things you hate about flying (something like that) that left me in *tears*, it was so funny. I can't believe how time flies. Anyway, I have enjoyed watching you grow your career. I wish you much (even more!) success. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and I can't wait to read about your adventures in Nebraska.

    (BTW, in case you're curious, I originally discovered you through a feature article on NaNoWriMo...the year before you jammed through a million words...I think that's when I decided you rocked. ;) )

    Anyway, thanks for all the laughs and cool pics. I have enjoyed my time spent here. :)