Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some new cover pretties...

Two new pieces of cover art! First up is the second Tooth & Claw Book, The Healing & The Dying (no blurb yet -- that'll be along soon):
The Healing & The Dying will be out in July from Samhain.

And second is my upcoming April release from Amber Quill, For The Living:

For the last year, Jay Warren has struggled to find the nerve to tell his wife he’s gay. He’s ashamed of hiding it all this time and he doesn’t want to hurt her, so every time he gets the chance to tell her, he freezes up. The guilt has been almost unbearable, but when his wife dies suddenly, Jay’s conscience threatens to eat him alive.

Funeral director Scott Lawson deals with the bereaved every day of his life, and he’s also all too familiar with the inside of the closet. He offers Jay some much-needed compassion and understanding, and from that connection comes a friendship that quickly—perhaps too quickly—turns into something more.

But are grief, guilt, and loneliness the only things tying them together? Or will Scott get tired of being used as an emotional crutch before Jay realizes what he has?


  1. Nice!! Do you have date for the April release? :)

  2. It *should* be April 1st, but it might get changed around. Not 100% sure yet. :)

  3. I shall pencil you in then. :)

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