Friday, June 21, 2013

COMING SOON: Unhinge the Universe

Today, Aleksandr Voinov and I were finally able to reveal the cover and blurb for our upcoming World War II historical novel, Unhinge the Universe. It's currently available for pre-order from Riptide Publishing, and will be released July 15.

We're both really excited about this one. It's my first foray into World War II (certainly not Aleks's -- if y'all haven't read Skybound, YOU MUST), and it was the first book we wrote together when we formed our unholy alliance last fall. It's got all kinds of fun stuff: men in (and out of) uniform. Two snarly Alphas who don't want to play nice and definitely don't want to back down. A captor and captive who are never quite sure who's really in charge. 

There's also a bathtub involved at some point. Just sayin'.

Give me one fixed point and a long enough lever, and I'll unhinge the universe. — Archimedes.
December 1944 – The Battle of the Bulge 
SS Lieutenant Hagen Friedrichs is the sole survivor of a party sent to retrieve his brother—and the highly sensitive information he’s carrying—from behind enemy lines. But his daring rescue attempt fails, and Hagen becomes the prisoner. 
Allied command has ordered Captain John Nicholls to extract critical intelligence from their new Nazi POW. His secrets could turn the tide of the war, but are they real? John is determined to find out . . . and to shatter the prisoner who killed his lover during the attack on their tiny base. The deeper he digs, though, the more he realizes that the soldier under the SS uniform is just like him: a scared, exhausted young man who’s lost loved ones and just wants to go home.
As captor and captive form an unexpected bond, the lines quickly blur between enemy, friend, and lover. And as horrifying rumors spread from the front lines and American soldiers turn their sights on the SS for vengeance, John may be Hagen’s only hope for survival.

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