Saturday, August 30, 2008

Consider yourself Pwned.

I went to the grocery store today, heading to Ye Olde Food Lion because we're tight on money and food is cheap there. It's gotta be the trashiest grocery store within 100 miles, but as I's's cheap.

As luck would have it, Bacardi Silver (my drink o' choice) was on sale for next to nothing, so I grabbed a 6-pack. When I got in line, I went ahead and fished my driver's license out of my wallet for the inevitable ID check.

He gave it a quick glance then gestured dismissively and said, "Oh I don't need to see look like a mom."


I said, "How ironic...since I'm NOT a mom."

The bagger kind of paused, but the checker didn't say anything. I said, "I suppose it could be worse. YOU look like a sorry excuse for a high school dropout."

The bagger almost choked trying not to laugh, and the checker was completely dumbfounded.

Consider yourself PWNED, asshat. Next time, THINK before you speak.


  1. What is PWNED?

    Mary Lynn

  2. It's gamer speak for "owned". It's pronounced like owned, except with a "p" at the beginning.

  3. LOL I just sent coke out my nose