Friday, August 29, 2008

Casualties of Home Improvement

This battle, like all others, has taken its toll. The current list of casualties (minus the usual stiff muscles and such):
  • Bloody nose, cut lip, scratched face (pulling a nail out of the floor -- hit myself in the face with the hammer and my hand)
  • Bruised foot (125 lb floor sander + gravity - bottom step = OUCH!)
  • Minor chemical burn (wood stripper)
  • Eight kajillion puncture wounds and cuts (staples sticking out of the hardwood floor)
  • Countless splinters
  • Bruised knees (crawling around on the hardwood floor before realizing that perhaps I should invest in knee pads)

Next week, I start painting. I suppose I should keep the paramedics standing by. You never know when I might impale myself with a paint roller...

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