Monday, September 1, 2008

Dimes be droppin'...

Well, technically the dimes weren't dropping -- but one DID come out of the woodwork. It's kind of weird actually -- as I was pulling up carpet and such, I kept finding dimes. No pennies, no quarters, just dimes. But yesterday, I was going around the edges of the master bedroom with a palm sander. There's a half inch gap between the floor and the wall, and when the sanding pad went into the gap, a coin came out. It was a dime, but it looked kind of odd, so I picked it up. The back was the same as most dimes, but it was obviously quite old. When I flipped it over, it was actually a 1942 Liberty Head dime.

They're not worth a whole lot (maybe $2-3 on eBay), but it was still kinda cool.

Other than unearthing prehistoric coins in my bedroom floor, I've accomplished a fair amount today. Matt and I fixed the bathroom wall while the boys made some pretty good progress on painting the living room. Matt was showing me how to put caulk on the wall panels and smooth it into place, which of course spawned a lot of snickering and general immaturity. "Just make sure your finger is nice and wet, and it'll slide right along here." "You'll want to hide the wood." "Next time, get a bigger (tube of) caulk." It's no wonder his girlfriend has issues with him coming up here.

They're gone back to North Carolina, so it's just me and the kitties. The kitties have been decidedly UNhelpful...Annie was lounging on the couch watching me paint with that expression that says "you missed a spot, n00b". And Midget just thunders around the house like a little racecar, sliding around on the hardwood floors and sheets of plastic. I figure it's only a matter of time before she slides right into a paint bucket or paint tray. Oh well -- I always wanted a white cat.

I think I'm going to take it a little easier today. Figure I'll give my very sore body a chance to recuperate before I start laying tile, finish painting, etc.

In other news, Garfield woke me up in the middle of the night by...wait for it...climbing up the chimney. I'm sleeping next to the fireplace right now, and woke up to some very frantic scratching. I looked over, and saw an orange tail hanging out of the chimney. *eyeroll* I snapped "Get down!", and which point he lost his grip, fell (oh c'mon, he's a cat, he landed on his feet) and ran up the stairs. I haven't seen him since.

WTF is wrong with my animals?

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