Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God I love caulk.

Caulk is awesome. How have I lived without caulk for this long?

Being relatively new to the home improvement scene, I had never before discovered the wonders of caulk. Who knew that there was a product that could squeeze into all those tight little nooks and crannies, and expand just enough to actually fill them.

Right now, the evidence of my newfound love of caulk is all over the house: a few spots on the steps, all along the edge of the living room floor, next to the fireplace, by the door, and there's quite a bit on the walls and floor of my bedroom closet.

I'm not sure what bummed me out more: when the caulk finally petered out, or when I ran out of places to put caulk.

It was short-lived, but it was fun while it lasted. So...I just had to tell someone.

Heaven help me, I love caulk.

Oh lighten up...

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