Friday, August 29, 2008

Eleventy Billion Square Feet Sanded.

I believe I have singlehandedly rendered the sandpaper tree extinct. Three rooms, one hallway, and the landing on my staircase...DONE. I rented a floor sander from Home Depot, and that thing rocks. 16 hours of sanding, God only knows how many circular pieces of blue sandpaper, 4 traumatized kitties, and about 30 pounds of sawdust's done. HOORAY! All I have to do now is finish up some edges with the palm sander, then wipe it down and put on the polyurethane. HOORAY!

There's one area by the door that's too badly damaged to save, so I'll be ripping that out and putting tile down. Otherwise, it looks like I'm on track to get the wood floors completely refinished and presentable. God I hope so, because that'll save us a hell of a lot on recarpeting. It certainly won't be enough to land me a gig on one of those home improvement shows, but it will at least render my house presentable so that we can MOVE. YAY!

So that's all for today. Progress is being made, and I'm 3,000 pieces of sandpaper closer to getting out of here. YAY!

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