Friday, August 8, 2008

Unemployed, still packing, tired as hell.

I decided that my workplace was no longer a safe environment, and turned in my keys yesterday morning. I am normally of the belief that 2 weeks' notice is required before leaving a job, but I consider this to be an extenuating circumstance. Everyone I asked about it unanimously agreed. So...I am officially a housewife.

Getting the house ready is still a daunting task. The first wave of movers come in next week to take the vast majority of our belongings to Washington, where they will be put into storage. This will actually make the rest of the process MUCH easier, because there will be less stuff to reckon with. Hooray! So for now, my biggest chore is separating what goes to Washington and what goes to Okinawa...I'm about 80% of the way through that. Then of course they call me this morning and say they're coming tomorrow for a "pre-pack inspection". WTF? Ok, I'm guessing they just want to see how much stuff we're talking about. Still...I hope he doesn't cop an attitude with me tomorrow like he did over the phone. SO don't need that.

The critters know something is up. Annie and Midget went to the vet to get their rabies shots and their microchips (required by Japan). I've taken to calling them my little cyborg kitties, since they are (sort of) part machine now. Hehehe (hey it's the little things that amuse me enough to get through this) I bought new carriers for the cross-country trip; the cats have been playing in them, in spite of the "oh shit I got in this box and wound up at the vet" trauma last week.

I've also been reducing some of the load...I own about 12 wedding dresses (for a photo project last year), and have sold 2, am donating most, and keeping 1 or 2 for future projects. I have more books than I know what to do with, so I decided to "cull the herd" and take a few to the bookstore. Of course they only do store credit in exchange for books, but I walked out with far fewer books than I came in with, so I guess it worked out.

Back to shoving boxes and crap all over my house...

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