Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from the Chamber of Horrors.

Ugh, I hate getting dental work done. At least the drugged the hell out of me; this dentist's philosophy is "you should not feel any pain while I'm working." After today's appointment, wherein I felt absolutely nothing, I am going to submit his name to the Pope to be considered for Sainthood. Srsly. Now, since it is incredibly difficult to knock me out, this "conscious sedation" was just that for me: I was definitely conscious, but just really didn't care. I remember most of it, but I didn't feel a thing. I think he singlehandedly rendered the lidocaine plant extinct to make sure that I felt nothing.

Now...when the anesthetic and dopey drugs wore off...that was a different story. Holy hell. My jaw is killing me, my teeth hurt, blaaaaaaaaah. But, I can deal. Soft food for a couple of days, and I'm good to go. Quite frankly, I can deal with the aftermath of something like that, but it is absolute torture to go THROUGH it.

But, it's done. One less thing to worry about.

And the kitties want to add their two cents, regarding my current condition in relation to their experiences at the vet: "Serves you right, bitch."


  1. I'll take care of Shannon and Jared while you're out of commission oral-wise, like. :D

  2. Yeah whatever. You'll be too busy with the Mattastrophe.

  3. Mattastrophe is not worthy of my talents in that area!!!