Thursday, September 4, 2008

A hurricane. Smashing.

Tropical Storm Hanna is twirling her way towards the coast right now, and is expected to directly hit my area on Saturday afternoon. It's clearly too early to tell if Hanna is going to stay on the path that NOAA has arranged for her, or if she'll exercise her rights as a female and change her mind. It's also too early to tell if she'll be a hurricane when she gets here, or peter out along the way.

I can't say I'm overly worried. As of now, she's only a tropical storm, and has 4 days to make a final decision about where to hit and how hard. I moved into this area a couple of months after Isabelle, which was a Category 3 hurricane and did some pretty nasty damage to the area. However, ever since then, we've been pretty fortunate. Ophelia was heading this way, then made a sudden change and went back out to sea. Ernesto was a tropical storm and fizzling out when it hit us. We've gotten a few wisps and sneezes off of some storms that hit the Outer Banks and various other places, and we got a brief fart off of Katrina. All in all, nothing serious.

Time will tell if Hanna is going to be anything more than a hot, humid, rainy day. As I said, not overly worried...though I *do* think that the next few days might be a good time to finish caulking around the windows and sealing the leak by the door...

On the off chance that Hanna turns out to be a real bitch and comes crashing into Norfolk, there's a reasonable chance that I will be offline for a day or two, possibly more. This more than likely means I am just fine, and the kitties and I are sweltering in the house waiting for the power to come back on.

No news is good news. If nothing has been posted here indicating otherwise, the cats and I are fine, and the house is still standing...caulk and all. If there is a clip on CNN of me sitting on my roof with the cats...well...that could indicate a less than positive turn of events.

But goddamn it, Hanna, at least keep the flooding to a minimum. I did NOT spend all that time refinishing this floor for you to come along and fuck it up.

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