Thursday, September 25, 2008

Traumatizing My Cats For Your Freedom - Part Deux

Today was the final visit to the chamber of horrors for Annie and Midget so that they can get all of their clearance to go to Japan. They had to have blood drawn today. OH what fun.

Midget was a crybaby, as usual. My God, who knew so much noise could come out of something so small? Annie was good in the waiting room, but when we pulled her out of the cage, she decided this whole blood draw thing was for the birds. In the end, it took over an hour, 5 people (not all at once), a kitty muzzle, and a sedative to get her blood. She was squirmed, struggled, growled, everything. She even managed to draw some blood herself...from the vet, two of the vet techs, and me. On top of that, she's "mildly overweight" (HA!) and they were having a hard time finding a vein. Even getting into the jugular was a chore, but at last, they got it. At one point, the vet said, "Hell, at this point I'm half-tempted to give some of MY blood for the sample." LOL Just what we all need: to go to prison for veterinary fraud.

All the while, Midget was crying and throwing a fit. I figured she'd be even worse, but she actually just laid there and squeaked while they got the blood.

UGH. So glad that part is over. Now all that's left is the road trip, a month with my parents' cats, the plane trip, and getting them into Japan. Hooray.

Tomorrow, the Navy is coming in to pick up all of our "necessities". You know, the stuff they express ship to Japan because we can't live without it. Except now we HAVE to live without it for a while. Time to break out the paper plates...

Oh...and in other news...

re: yesterday's blog...

I neglected to mention that those Leto genes run STRONG. What I wouldn't give for a piece of BOTH of the Brothers Leto:

And Ms Papercuts is, as she should be, eternally grateful for me turning her on to BOTH of the Brothers Leto. You're welcome. :D Last night, our MSN chat was muchly devoted to discussions of the attributes of both of them. (And do check out her blog -- in addition to some FINE imagery of the Brothers Leto, she also has some smashing pics of Colin Farrell...with a lengthy commentary that is worth a read...)


  1. That photo is so. Fucking. Hot.

  2. You know it woudl be easier to check out her blog if you supplied us with a URL

  3. Misa: Click on her name in the paragraph where I mentioned her blog. DUH. Rtard.

    Or...just click on her in the comments above you.