Saturday, October 18, 2008

Body Graffiti -- PICS!!!

My new defacement: (note that it's still quite "fresh" so it's dark, bloody, etc. I will post better pics once it's healed. The pic is also at a slightly odd angle, since the tattoo is on the back of my shoulder.)
For those not "in the know", Jazzie was my beloved horse that I lost in 2004. I've been meaning to get a tattoo in memory of her, and that little pegasus looked just cute enough -- and bratty enough -- to do the job.
What blog about body graffiti would be complete without a few pics of the tattoos I already have? This is the rose on my left shoulder, procured as an 18th birthday present to myself (ironically, from the same place that did my newest tattoo, just a few weeks shy of ten years later):
And this is my little froggy, on my right calf. Erin, Leah, and I got tattoos (not matching ones) in Canada during my Bachelorette weekend in November of '02:
This one is still my favorite (aesthetically, that is) -- I had been looking for a Gryphon tattoo for a long time, and finally found one. Got this one in Virginia in April 2007:

So there you have it. My body graffiti. Hooray for tattoos!


  1. The frog's cute but my favourite's the gryphon. It has just the right amount of colour and it's big enough to make you look like a double-hard bastard.