Friday, October 10, 2008

Cats Across America, Day 2

And here we are in the Red Roof Inn in Des Moines, IA, after 580 miles of cornfields, road construction, and more cornfields. Annie is exploring everything and trying to knock the TV over. Garfield is hiding. Shponker is whining. Midget is staring at the ceiling. Either she's found a spider, or is having a discussion with Ceiling Cat...not sure which. Soon, we will have pizza, and the cats will forgive us for the day's torture, because they will be given bacon and sausage.

Annie has already knocked the litterbox over (anyone who thought putting plastic on the floor in a hotel room is overkill...yeah, that's why I do it), so we're off to a great start.

Speaking of Annie, she has decided that cargo class accomodations are inadequate:

She has decided she is much happier riding first class other words, in Eddie's lap or between us. Sometimes she just lays behind Eddie's seat and goes to sleep. Safe? Probably not. But when you're looking at 8-12 hours of driving with squawking cats, sometimes risks must be taken to maintain the sanity of the driver and the cats.

Happy Kitteh:

She's not allowed to drive anymore though. She's got some road rage issues, and with her super powers, I'm concerned that she might cause a wreck:

(relax: she was only up there for a second, it was on a deserted stretch of road, and I wasn't going that fast)

So tomorrow, it's on to Rapid City, South Dakota. For now, I have pizza to eat, so I'm signing off. 1200 miles down, 1800 to go.

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  1. Fnarr. Eddie with teh pusseh on his lap.