Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cats Across America, Day 1

So here we are, in the great state of Ohio, a few miles north of Cincinnati. 668 miles down, 2400 or so to go. Yay.

The day started out on a pleasant note, with Garfield getting himself lodged in the chimney (again), being pulled out and thrown -- covered in soot -- into his carrier (again), and finally ending up in the car in spite of his protests. He sulked in silence the rest of the day, except to hiss/growl at us when we checked on him.

Then, while doing last minute packing, I managed to smack the bridge of my nose on the car trunk lid. Holy hell that hurts. (it closed part way while I was turned around, and when I came back, it was lower than I expected)

Anyway, off we went, flying an enthusiastic bird out the window when we gleefully departed the glorious city of Norfolk, and an even more enthusiastic bird when we say the "leaving Virginia" sign a few hours later.

The cats whined and took turns throwing tantrums, but for the most part, took it better than I expected. They are now getting acquainted with the hotel room: Annie is laying like a slug next to the TV, Garfield is hiding under the bed beneath a layer of soot, Midget is eating, and Shponker is sleeping.

Tomorrow, the trauma continues, and we will take our traveling freak show to Des Moines, Iowa.

For now...sleep.

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  1. *insert random joke about pusseh hyah*