Friday, October 17, 2008

Excess, much?

My curiosity finally got to me, and I had to check out this website. And all I have to say is...quite simply...


Spoiling your kids is one thing. Making sure your kids have what they need is one thing. Maybe going a little overboard on stuff for your kids is one thing.

But $47,000 for a bed for your kid???

Don't believe me? Get ready to vomit out your eyeballs.

I really don't care if you have the means to do it. There's just something nauseatingly excessive and materialistic about spending that much money on a piece of children's furniture. I mean, what next?

"Mom, you spend almost 50 G's on my bed, why the fuck can't I have a $250,000 car for my birthday?"
"Because you're only 7."
"That's what I thought."

I mean, do what you want with your money. But seriously. There's also a $30,000 crib on that site. HELLO!!! If you buy your child a $30,000 crib, I sincerely hope that he gnaws through some of the bars, and your toddler comes in and draws all over it with Sharpie until it's so fuckered up that you'll be lucky to get $30 for it at a garage sale.

I'm not one to tell the wealthy that they can't do whatever they want with their money. They earned it, it's theirs, it's a free country, have fun. But that doesn't mean I won't quietly raise an eyebrow and wonder what kind of selfish materialistic bastard blows 5 figures on a CHILD'S BED instead of, I don't know, helping children who are lucky to have anything to eat before they go to bed (assuming they have a bed).

I'm just sayin'.

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