Sunday, October 12, 2008

A few more trip pics.

Our 4th day of traveling, in pictures:

Spearfish, South Dakota. Annie says "Are we there yet?"

"How about now? Oooo, stop there...there's cheezburgers..."

Somewhere in Wyoming -- Look at all the pretty snow:
Somewhere in Montana -- More pretty snow:

Somewhere else in Montana: Hmm...there seems to be more snow here.

Somewhere ELSE in Montana, with 150 miles to go to Butte: "That's not good." (Note the reading on my spedometer...I'm on I-90...with no one in front of me...NOT good...)

(Eddie stopped taking pictures because he was scared shitless that we were going to slide off the road and die. I can't blame him...I was rather nervous myself. We kept going until it became clear that the ice was getting thicker, the snow falling faster, and the terrain was getting steeper...then we got our hotel room.)

My car, about 15 minutes after we arrived:

Some cars that were already there:

But at least today had a happy ending:

(OMG you pervs. I meant the hot tub itself. It's 30 fucking degrees out. What kind of happy ending did you THINK I meant???)


  1. I didn't think of anything rude until you suggested I might have, then I did but it's all your fault.