Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowed in.

So much for making it to Butte tonight. All was quite uneventful, and has been since our departure from Des Moines, IA, yesterday morning. We ran into some snow in Rapid City, SD, but nothing to write home about. We left Rapid City this morning, and enjoyed gorgeous views of lightly snow-covered plains, fields, and mountains. Wyoming was uneventful, and most of Montana was as well.

Then, about an hour and a half ago, we ran into a lot more snow. Snow that rather impolitely began encroaching on my driving space. Shortly after, it got a lot more obnoxious, and left the road covered in not only ice, but PITTED ice. There were huge pits and holes in the ice, making it that much more difficult to control the car.

So we stopped for the night ("all that's available is our jacuzzi suite, is that ok?" Um...duh...). We're now holed up in BFE, Montana. Hopefully the weather is clearer tomorrow and we can continue on. Otherwise, well, we're stuck for a day (the cats probably won't mind a day out of the car).

Thank God for high speed internet, a jacuzzi, and a husband who has no qualms about battling through the snow to get to the hotel's restaurant and bring me back spaghetti for dinner (you know, since I kept us all from getting killed and such).

I'm now going to eat said spaghetti, enjoy said jacuzzi (with said husband), and beta read a chapter of Ms Papercuts' that I have been eagerly awaiting forever.

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  1. Yay! You're still alive! :D

    *awaits verdict*