Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sex and Violence, revisited.

So it would appear that my blog was well-timed. Ms Papercuts posted a picture yesterday of a naked man, who was covering his manly bits with his hands. There was *nothing* showing that couldn't show in a PG rated film.

Photobucket deleted the image, saying it violated their rules.

Yet, I just did a search of "gunshot wounds" on Photobucket and found quite a few rather disturbing images. Photobucket is rife with all kinds of offensive imagery, but ZOMG, don't show any nudity or implied nudity. Commie bastards.

I was also reading an article -- one of billions gracing the internet in recent years -- about breastfeeding in public. When exactly did we become so fucked up in the head that a woman feeding her child -- yes, even feeding her child using THOSE (which, by the way, were designed for that purpose) -- is offensive? And even those who are okay with it often add, "Well, she should cover up." WHY?? It's a breast, people. It's a baby being fed. So what if breasts are also used for sexual purposes and are sexually attractive? So are legs, but short skirts and shorts are ok.

Yet, in the very same mall where a woman is catching hell for feeding her child, 14 year-olds are walking by covering up just enough to keep them from being cited for indecent exposure. Apparently it's ok for a teenager's breasts to be hanging out, but it's not ok for a woman to feed her child with them (her own, not the teenager's...).


Here is a crude demonstration of how things break down in society today in terms of most offensive to least offensive:

Does this really make sense? Are sex, nudity, and (GASP) breastfeeding really that big of a deal, in that they trump murder and torture in terms of offensiveness? Why the fuck do we let children watch those things, and freak out over letting them see anything remotely sexual?
We freaked the fuck out when Janet Jackson's breast got 0.0005 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl. Yet I wonder how many of those "traumatized" kids were waiting for the game to be over so they could get back to playing Grand Theft Auto.
Kids shouldn't be exposed to gratuitous sex. But if I had to choose, I'd rather let them see sex than violence. Think about it.
Ok, really signing off now. We're taking the modem back to Cox, and tomorrow morning, we hit the road. So I will post as I can on our road trip, depending upon wi-fi availability and whether I'm awake enough, and have enough to write about. Toodle pip!

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  1. I am SO with you on that. Personally I would rather Ethan see sex than violence as I fully expect him to engage in sexual activity some day but I sure as fuck hope he doesn't shoot anyone