Monday, October 13, 2008


We finally made it. HOORAY! Got in last night around 9:30.

The cats weren't thrilled about the journey over Snoqualmie Pass (I think it bothered their poor little ears), but they got over it. They weren't too sure about my parents, and only one (Midget) was ballsy enough to sniff noses with the dog. My mom's ancient cat, Squeak, decided to come check things out, and ended up getting growly with Midget. We decided not to traumatize George (Mom's slightly-less-ancient-than-Squeak-but-still-farting-dust cat) until this morning. There was also some concern that my mom's dog (a decorated rat-hunter) would try to eat Shponker (a cat that resembles a rat), but so far she just seems curious about him, as well as the strange honking noises that come from him.

Our original plan was to do nothing and go nowhere today, but my dad's network is secured, so we couldn't get on the internet. So, we're down at my mom's shop, stealing her internets. HOORAY!

So. We're here. Yay.

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  1. Yay!

    That means...moar bloggingz. Moar writingz. And moar COMMENTZ.


    You is now further away than ever before.