Sunday, November 9, 2008

Coolest. Library. EVER.

(Note: I didn't have my camera today, so I'm using photos I lifted off of other people's websites)

So I went out with Bob today, and he said I absolutely had to see the Seattle Public Library, which opened after I left the area. Now, when Bob says you have to see something, chances are, it's wicked cool. I was definitely not disappointed, especially when we came around the corner and saw this:

Well. Alright. Seattle, you have my attention...a library is a library, but...well, being a book nut, I figured it was worth a look. Bob also insisted that I needed to see the interior, because, well, it wasn't just your standard issue, blandly-painted, boringly-furnished hall of books and silence. Libraries always have some bizarre art, but this place...well, it was the bizarre art. It was like a couple of art students had a shopping spree on Ikea furniture, bright paint, loud carpeting, modern art, and windows. In short, it rocked.

Upon going inside, we were greeted by the coolest book return ever:

Drop your book in the depository on the right, and the machine sucks it up into the duck and scoots it off to wherever the fuck they sort the returned books. Being the dorks that we are, we were half-tempted to check out a book just so we could go outside and stick it in the book return to watch it get sucked into the pipe.

Also upon entry, I noticed the wood floor:

The rest of the library (all 10 floors of it) was just as uniquely decorated and laid out:

An interesting way to organize the books, but putting their numbers on the floor for ease of searching:

Yellow escalators, anyone?:

And of course, lots of books, computers, yadda yadda yadda. It's probably a good thing I didn't find out about this place until today, two days before I leave Washington, because I would probably go there and never come out. If I ever come up missing, look for me there. Most likely on the 9th floor...the "Writing Room". Or the one floor that is nothing but an endless sea of row upon row upon row of people using computers -- from businessmen to students to a couple of homeless guys.
Yes, I know, I totally just blew a blog entry yammering on about a library. But rules. This library pwns all libraries.
That is all.

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