Saturday, November 8, 2008

Down to the last few days.

It's Friday. I leave on Tuesday. It's sneaking up on meh!!

I still can't believe I'm moving to Okinawa. SO EXCITED! Now I get to spend the next couple of days getting all of my crap together, visiting friends, etc. My NaNoWriMo project will probably be back-burnered for a couple of days, but I'm way ahead of schedule on it already, so I'm not worried about not being able to finish it.

I was getting a bit down as far as "Camera Shy", and "Sins of the Father" was really starting to piss me off, but after spending an evening with Loki (one of my writer friends), I am starting to get excited about both books again, as well as some of my other projects. Thank God for writing friends - between Ms Papercuts and Loki, I have people to look over my crappy first drafts, give feedback on ideas, and provide pervy inspirations for main characters. So...yay for more productivity.

In other news, I am tired as fuck today because I went with my parents to the new Snoqualmie Casino. It just opened yesterday, so we went early in the morning to avoid the crowds. All three of us came out ahead (I was about $70 ahead), and got out just in time to avoid the incoming swarm of retirees and people who had called out sick today ("I'm - *cough cough* - a bit sick today, I won't be coming in." *hangs up, drives to new casino). Yay for good timing.

And now I'm off to dinner with my folks and aunt & uncle. Should be fun. Yay for quality family time. Or something.

More updates to come - and next week, I shall be posting from my new home in the Land of the Rising Sun. Or, as Ms Papercuts lovingly calls it, Japanistan.

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