Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Officially a Winner, Officially Still Sick, etc.

I'm still sick, and that sucks. I think it's turning into some sort of bronchitis, so I'll probably be merrily hacking and choking for another month or so. Joy.

I submitted my word count to NaNoWriMo yesterday and got my lovely little bucket of win (that being the little icon to the right of my blog) and a cool certificate which is now hanging above my desk. YAY! Glad that's over.

"Camera Shy" is in the hands of a few readers now, and one has already read it start to finish and sent feedback (you rock, Misa101!). While I wait for my other beta readers, I'm working feverishly on my vampire novel so that I can eventually submit it to the already blood-saturated market. The popularity of vampire novels is truly a double-edged sword: on one hand, everyone is reading vampire novels now. On the other, everyone is writing them, too, making it that much harder to get something published. Oh well. I write what I need to write, and I'll deal with that part when I get there.

At some point, when I can move without coughing up my spleen, I will finish getting our house unpacked and in order. Most of our stuff is still laying around, half-packed, barely anything on the walls, etc. *sigh* Stupid cooties...

So anyway...there's a brief update. Things are pretty quiet here, aside from still scrambling to try to get our kitties here. One of Eddie's co-workers is getting some info for us that might make things a bazillion times easier, so as soon as we hear from him, we'll go from there. It's looking more and more like I will be flying back to Seattle to get them, since it's cheaper for them to fly with me than on their own. (WTF?? It's not like the cats get so much as a bag of peanuts -- they have to feed me and I occupy a seat on the plane. Whatever...)

Also, I know some of my readers get bored with my writing-related posts, but be warned, my "Writing Goals for 2009" post is coming soon. When you see that title...feel free to skip right over it, because it will probably bore you to tears. The rest of you damn well better read it, because I'll be expecting you to kick my ass throughout the year to make me stick to my goals. That especially means you, Ms Papercuts and Misa101.

Right then. Off to get some writing done. I didn't write crap yesterday, so today's goal is 5,000 words.


  1. It's true every one (except me) IS writing a vampire novel right now, but not everyone is writing a good one, in fact I would venture to say 97% of them probably are not even writing mediocre ones so publication should not be as big of an obstacle as you may think. Original vamp stories are IMO exceedingly rare.

  2. Oh and on a completely unrelated note HOW do you make a link in a word. Like when you write Ms Papercuts and the word itself links to her blog?

  3. Pffft...n00b. Like dis, but use pointy HTML brackets instead of (), and "WORD" = whatever text you want made into a hyperlink:

    (a href="http://www.siteyouwanttolink.com")WORD(/a)