Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another First Draft.

Hell. Yeah.

Playing With Fire is DONE. Personal record: 47,000 words in 5 days.

I plan to pound out one more in January for an unofficial NaNoWriMo, then February is going to be the start of some serious revisions. And possibly some physical therapy.

So...yay...there's a writing update. Now you know why my blogs have been a bit short and a little sparse lately.

I am now going to go ice my hands.


  1. You mean ice your hand AND work on more blogging. It is hard to be a slacker when you don't post things to distract me from my task at hand.

    You can tell Papercuts to stop being so slack as well. I am down to only 2 blogs and ivillage to derail my transcribing work from long hand to the computer. Oh and face book.

    You guys better get a move on or I may actually get something accomplished and that could set a bad precedent

  2. Jesus. You're fucking crazy.

    And misa101...don't worry; I'm still working on my novel.

    Ask Lori about chapter fifteen. Srsly.

  3. LOL but I don't get to read the novel so it does not count as a distraction.

  4. Misa - Trust me, if I sent you chapter 15, you'd never get anything done. Hell, if you read ANYTHING she's written'd NEVER get anything done EVER again. Srsly.

    And I will get back to blogging soon. As soon as I can feel my wrists again.

    Papercuts - Of course I'm fucking crazy. You've known this since 2007. Nothing. New.

  5. And it shall be yours...

    ...if the price is right.

    Bidding starts...NOW.