Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cape Kyan, Castle Ruins, and some beach near Naha.

Today was Eddie's day off and it was another fine day in paradise, so we decided to drive south and see what we could find.

First we found a little beach near Naha. It should come as no surprise that we commenced photographing water, windsurfers, and tiny sea creatures. We also waded out into the water, but the coral was a bit rough on the bare feetz, so we put our shoes back on and kept walking.

Snails: (I know...I love photographing sue me...)
Hermit crabs:

The breakwater on one side of the beach:
Your humble blogger, photographing some sea creature or another:
And my husband, Special Ed...
Mah feetz! In the waterz! (In December, I might add...and the water was QUITE nice, thankyouverymuch)...
Just a cool pic of a wind surfboard...
Then we continued south and proceeded to get completely lost. Shortly after that, we stumbled across Cape Kyan and the ruins of a 14th century castle (the name of which I will not post because simply trying to spell it will make my head explode).

This particular place was, to say the least, gorgeous:
The sun coming over what's left of the castle walls:
Palm trees on the cliffs:
The trail leading down to the beach and back was incredibly steep and narrow. By "steep", I mean there were ropes strategically placed along the way because that was about the only way to get up in some places. WAY fun!

Eddie, taking advantage of one of the ropes:
Then it was back on the road, where we found a little shop that sold touristy trinkets and, of course, ShiShi (or Shisa) dogs!!! These little guys were outside basking in the sun on top of a Coke machine:
And I had to save this picture for last. I was actually rendered speechless by what I saw:

(Ms Papercuts, several cases of these are being shipped to you as we speak...)

So there you have it. Pictures from another fine day in Okinawa.

That is all.

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  1. Special Ed. Fnarr.

    And...why would I want little packets of happy fruit?!