Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Fit For a King is DONE.

Now comes the celebration with vodka and video games, followed by the painful process of letting the story sit for a few weeks while I work on something else, only to pick it up and slog through it to see what a mess I made of what was once a viable plot.

In the meantime? Luke Boydston's Baby and The Hour of Our Death are competing for my attention, while Letting Go is on hold indefinitely. I've put the characters of Letting Go in time-out because they are taking far too many liberties with the story. Having painted myself into a corner, I need to let the story simmer for a while, then I'll go back to it.

The Hour of Our Death is going to take some time; while it's probably not going to be of epic size, it is requiring epic amounts of research for certain aspects. I ever so wisely set it in a time period I know little about, in places I know less about. Luke Boydston's Baby probably won't take quite as long, so I'm guessing it will be finished by the middle or end of January.

Now I'm off to drink vodka and play video games.

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