Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Annoy Ms Papercuts

A step-by-step guide to annoying the piss out of Ms Papercuts:
  1. Start writing a book.
  2. Write said book completely out of sequence. (Write chapter 37, then chapter 12, then chapter 48, etc. Be sure to write the beginning, then the end, then just jump around all over the middle.)
  3. Occasionally realize you need to add a chapter earlier on, between two existing but consecutively numbered chapters, and start putting in things like "chapter 8.5", "chapter 7.3", etc.
  4. Send chapters to Ms Papercuts in the order they were written, not actual chronological order.
  5. Await *hitlerfaces*
I know, I'm easily amused.


  1. My belly hurts from laughing. Don't ever do that to me

  2. Bah, double bah and triple bah.