Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comin' to America

My laptop seems to have contracted some sort of illness, so Eddie is working feverishly to resuscitate it while I use our ghetto desktop computer for the time being. With any luck, it will be back in working order by the time I leave.

Speaking of leaving - I am doing so tomorrow - yay!! I fly out at 12:15 pm my time on Thursday and land at 9:15 am on Thursday. 3 hours before I left. Oh the novelty of time zones. I'm probably flying in a Delorean. Or a 747 maybe...not sure if they're equipped for time travel yet, but whatever.


What this means is that I will be in Seattle on Thursday morning, may or may not have a reliable laptop by that point, and will be using whatever means necessary to communicate with people about visits, hanging out, and otherwise wreaking havoc on the Pacific Northwest. I will be at my parents' house, as always. If you want to hang out, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment on my responses may be a little slow, but I will be checking my e-mail several times a day if I have to break into the library to do it.

Totally excited about my trip...not so excited about 15+ hours in the air. Price you gotta pay, right?

And yes, my eagle-eyed readers who have e-mailed me about it, there is a new word counter on the right side of the blog. Between Brothers is a new story, one that was thrown into my skull yesterday by none other than the divine Ms Papercuts (she gave me the idea, I ran with it). I plan to start it on the plane and work on it in Seattle, so look for some forward motion on that word counter in the next several days.

Also, although its word counter hasn't moved in a few days, no, I am not stalled on All The King's Horses, though I think it's going to continue to progress somewhat slowly. I'm reworking a couple of spots on the outline, but otherwise it's coming's just not going to be a quickie like Playing With Fire.


  1. Man, you are so freakin' prolific!


    I wish I could be there in Seattle to see ya. Last time you were in town, some serious shit was going down for me, which is why we never got together. But it's all good now. I miss you guys!

  2. ROMANCE my arse. The stuff she writes are FULTH!

    I take due credit for inspiring such...well, I mean pervspiring such fulth.

    I meant that as a cross between 'pervert' and 'inspiring' but it sounds more like 'perspiring', as if Lori's oozing smex out of every pore.

    Hao rude.


  3. Romance...filth...same thing.

    Libbie - no worries, we'll meet up next time we're in the same time zone!

  4. I've known Lori since she was 17 or 18 or something. She's always been a filty, filty filth-monger.