Friday, February 20, 2009

My 200th Post.

Yes, that's right, loyal blog minions: Since its inception in June of 2008, this humble blog has logged 200 posts. In celebration, I am going to bake a cake, stick candles in it, light the candles, and try to eat the cake without burning my face off. Anyone within a snail's throw of Japanistan is welcome to join us for cake and skin grafts.

In other news, I am aggravated with my writing. To the point of wanting to delete every word I've ever written. This is a normal part of the rewriting process (which is currently happening to The Wedding Photographer), so don't be alarmed. Sooner or later, I'll get over it, and my blog will again be slathered with monotonous updates about my works-in-progress.

Also, Sony has released a new gizmo that every last one of you will want to run out and buy. Seriously. Check it out.

Finally, to celebrate my 200th post, the video that first caused me to drool over 30 Seconds to Mars...

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