Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Mystery Solved!

Well, it's been quite the productive few days. Met with an editor about Camera Shy, visited family, traveled, blogged, etc.

And today? Thanks to the good folks at a writing message board that I frequent (and no, I'm NOT linking it), a mystery has been solved.

Remember this little bastard?

He is...drumroll please...

A mole crab. Also known as a sand flea.

I'm mildly disappointed...I was kind of hoping it would be some sort of alien-octopus hybrid or an extremely intelligent but rarely seen form of soft-shelled beetle. Or even a squishy form of insanely poisonous vampire snail with mind control powers.

But's a sand flea.

*sigh* Things like this are so anti-climactic sometimes. But, you may all rest easy now. The WTF Beast has been identified.

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