Monday, March 16, 2009

It's almost over. Almost over. Alllllllmost done.

Camera Shy cracked 70,000 words today. So much for my worries that it wouldn't make it to 65,000. As I write this, I have 4 chapters left to write and 3 others left to finish (out of a total of 57). Of course that doesn't mean the revision is over, just the additions and rewritten sections, but that's the biggest headache, at least for this particular facelift. Then it's just tweaking prose, fixing continuity, etc.

I was edgy about making such massive changes to a book that was, in my mind, done. My resistance to change wasn't because I was getting precious about my own writing (iz mai art! no can haz changes!), it just made me nervous to tweak something that was - I thought - working. If it ain't broke, etc. But I really like what's happened to the story so far. For that matter, all joking aside, sexing it up actually helped the story, developed the characters, and gave me the opportunity to seriously ramp up the tension between Jason and Simone. Even a minor character that was thrown in for two paragraphs as a very subtle inside joke with Scarlett turned out to be a badass little addition. I've had to kill some darlings (*cry*), but I'm okay with it because I think everything the editor suggested has taken Camera Shy to the next level. Here's hoping that she agrees.

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