Sunday, March 15, 2009

Need a Beta - Any Takers?

Okay, I'm 99% finished with the first 10 chapters of Camera Shy to resubmit to the editor. I already have one person looking it over, but I'd like to get a couple more sets of eyes on it if possible.

What would seriously rock is one person who HAS read Camera Shy and one who HAS NOT. I need someone who is somewhat familiar with the story to let me know if the modified version works better...and one who isn't familiar with it to let me know if it works at all.

It's 10 chapters, roughly 17,000 words. (Single-spaced on MS Word, roughly 35 pages) Not overly long. And yes, it's got some dirty bits. The editor asked me to sex it up, and I did. You've been warned.

I really need to get it read and revised as quickly as possible, as I have an editor waiting for it. Like, within the next few days if possible.

Takers? Comment or e-mail.


  1. I am in if you send it in google docs (still no comp of my own)

  2. Gotta say, after talking to you and ScarlettPeaches, I'm really interested in reading some of your work. I'm up for it.