Sunday, March 1, 2009

A random update.

Not a whole lot going on here in Japanistansylvania...Eddie's been on a grueling schedule lately, so we haven't been getting out and around the island as much as we'd like to. Tomorrow, assuming the weather is as gorgeous as predicted, we're heading to the beach. And you know what that means - pictures!!

Besides that, I've been writing like a mofo...Between Brothers is about 2/3 finished, assuming my estimated target of 60,000 words is correct. I'm starting to wonder if it's going to sneak up towards 70,000 or so, but we'll see. For now, I'll keep the target at 60,000.

I received some more feedback on Camera Shy, and it *most likely* won't be published by this particular publisher, but that's okay. They gave me some really constructive feedback (beyond "add more sex"), plus I've developed a great rapport with one of the editors, which could be helpful in the future. Anyone who says there's no such thing as a "good rejection" has clearly never been rejected by this particular press. Camera Shy may not be published anytime soon, but everything that's happened so far is only going to serve to make it a better story so that when it is eventually published, it'll be all badass and stuff.

In other news, I *should* be getting on a plane to Seattle on Thursday, so with any luck, I should be in Seattle on Thursday morning (just trust me...that's how the time zones work...)

That's everything that's going on here in Okinawa. That, and I just heard something crash in the other room, so I'd better go see what Midget has knocked over this time...

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  1. Are you suggesting that your novels are of a saucy nature?!