Friday, April 3, 2009

Another submission, and Bastian's magic feather.

This will be another writerly post, so feel free to skip if it's not your cup of tea. *cough*Dave*cough*

The editor who currently has Camera Shy has shown some interest in Luke Boydston's Baby, so I sent her the requested synopsis today. Fingers crossed that she wants a partial and, ultimately, a full.

My script for Script Frenzy is coming along slowly. It's sitting at 16 pages out of a goal of 100, and I'm getting annoyed with a couple of scenes, but it's still early in the month. I have until April 30 to get to 100 if I want to "win" Script Frenzy. Plenty of time. Right. Of course.

And I would be working diligently on said script if it weren't for the minor problem of With The Band, which has been occupying my attention and sleeping pattern for the last three days. I'm excited about this story and have been having a lot of fun making my characters' lives miserable.

I was a bit concerned yesterday, though, when I tried to write some of the more, ahem, intimate scenes (oh come on you shouldn't be surprised anymore that I write that stuff...). It just wasn't happening. I mean, nothing. Seriously. This was particularly annoying because I had high hopes for Bastian, the male main character, and he was seriously letting me down. Something was missing.

I thought maybe it was some burnout. It's not like I've written any shortage of those scenes(tm) in the last few months, particularly since the beginning of February. They're hard (fnarr) as hell to write, and there comes a point (fnarr) when some burnout is to be expected.

But then, while having a conversation with Scarlett this morning, she made an off-hand comment about Bastian, specifically about a trait that I could add. (Oh get your mind out of the gutter. He already had one of those.) I had considered it already, but for some reason, when she said it, everything fell into place.

So I bestowed said trait upon Bastian, and lo and behold: The light came on. The skies opened up. The angels sang. The planets aligned. And Bastian found his magic feather and got himself some mojo.

Hellz yeah.

Yesterday I was wondering if Bastian was going to be a dud.

Today? Look out, Ian Black: Bastian Koehler is about to give you a run for your money.


  1. A challange for Ian Black. Somehow I can't wrap my head around that one.

  2. If anyone can do it, Bastian Koehler can.

  3. I expect to be dazzled then (or given carple tunnel:)