Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visa. It's everywhere you want to be...

...unless of course you're in Okinawa and you're hungry. *sigh* Lesson learned - when going off base, make sure to bring Yen.

Anyway. We haven't had a chance to do much wandering about the island, but today, we finally got out of the house. Which is nice, because I haven't seen much for the last few weeks except for this breathtaking view out my dining room window:
We headed north and ended up at Cape Manzamo, which is freaking gorgeous.

But first...we wandered through the little market set up in the parking lot. And there, we found...SHI SHI DOGS!
And MORE Shi Shi Dogs:
Then we wandered out along one of the paths, which was lined with some of the unique flora of Okinawa. Most of which I can't identify. But it's pretty. look at it and stuff.

Then we headed towards the cliffs.
There were a few signs like this. I assume it means "Danger". Or something. Whatever.
So there are a lot of safety railings and signs and crap, but, whatever. Cliffs...need to take pictures...
Eddie, taking pictures over one of the cliffs:
Hmm. A large hole through which a person could easily fall to their death. Maybe that's what that sign was referring to. Meh, oh well. *steps around, takes pictures*
Sign: "Danger!!"
Eddie: "Meh."
"Oooo, what's over here?"
So why do we go wandering off the beaten path and past the danger signs? Because views like this make it worth it:
Yeah. Totally.
We continued down the not-so-beaten path, well away from the paved walkway. Found more wicked cool views, not to mention rocks to climb all over, and stumbled across this...
See? Wander off the beaten path, ignore the warning signs, to hell with safety, and you find wicked cool little shrines tucked away in the middle of nowhere and badass views of cliffs and stuff.

I live in the coolest place EVER.

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  1. I love the photo of Eddie saying "Meh," to a DANGER!! sign. :D