Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The door remains open...

I shot a few e-mails back and forth with the editor that had rejected Rules of Engagement, and he said that if I modified the scene in question, he'd like to see it again. Of course there are no guarantees...as with anything, it could still get rejected, but the door is open. Always a plus.

I'm not 100% sure how the revision will go down. The scene is necessary for the story, but the changes he's requested may work. In fact, it may work better...to be honest, I wasn't overly happy with the scene to begin with. If I had to choose a least favorite scene in the book, that was it. His suggestions may improve the story, in which case...whether he buys it or not...WIN!

If I can't tone it down enough to fit their requirements, then...move on to the next editor. I won't sell out my story, but I'm open to suggestions that may make it better. Taking an editor up on her suggestions worked for Camera Shy, even if that editor didn't ultimately buy the book, so maybe this will work out the same way.

So, tomorrow, The Best Man goes on the back burner for a few hours while I snip n chop Rules of Engagement.

Cross your fingers...


  1. *Crosses all his crossables.*

    Good luck with the rewrite, too. The ideas you came up with earlier sounded good. :)

    *Menny hugz*


  2. *fingers crossed*

    Good luck with it! :0)

  3. crossing all applicable appendages.