Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Blog Birthday

Hey look, it's my blog birthday...one year since I started this bloody thing to chronicle our adventures by way of bloginating. Of course, this has turned into a writing blog as well as a "what I'm doing in Okinawa" blog, but that's mostly because writing is what I'm doing in Okinawa. Hopefully there will be a few more Okinawa-related posts soon, because I'm starting to get some cabin fever. And of course, there will be all manner of pictures and commentary when I return to Seattle in August. Be patient, loyal blog minions: There will be non-writing content soooooon.

This is also my 299th post (well, existing post, since I've deleted a handful). Hooray. I actually started a blog and stuck with it, clogging the intertubes with my random thoughts and rants.

So anyway, it's been one year since we got our orders to Okinawa and I started this blog. And what a year it's been. I won't rehash it all, since it's been duly chronicled in the preceding 298 posts.

Instead, I will slather my blog with a couple of pieces of mancandy. After all, it's my (blog)birthday and I will drool if I want to.

Today's fine selections:

...and Butler.
Oh, and I revised Rules of Engagement per the editor's request and resubmitted it, so please cross all applicable appendages and non-vital organs.


  1. Happy birthday to blog,
    Happy birthday to blog,
    Happy birthday dear Adventures in Navy Wifing,
    Happy birthday to blog.

    *Streamers and fings 'ere*

    Also, I haz crossed my bits!!!

    *Menny hugz*

  2. GOD ALMIGHTY James Purefoy is hot.

  3. all bits crossed. Maybe even a vital organ or two.