Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting in the air is up in the air.

The typhoon seems to have changed its course and we're only getting a little bit of wind and rain. With any luck, it will be gone and on its way to China tomorrow, thus leaving the skies clear, blue, and flyable.

But...the plane we hoped to catch on Saturday is full. But...there's another one leaving tomorrow for Whidbey Island that has lots of seats available. But...God only knows how many people will be vying for those seats when we get there.

So...we're leaving at 5 am tomorrow to go play Boarding Pass Roulette and hope we get on the plane. If we do, we'll be bouncing all over the Pacific for eleventy billion hours with two layovers of indeterminate length before finally landing on Whidbey, but considering how much this ticket doesn't cost, I'm not complaining.

If we don't get on that flight, there's another on Wednesday and still another on Friday. Hopefully we'll find our butts firmly planted and seatbelted in before too long. Once we do get on a plane, expect random, rambling sleep-deprived blog entries at strange hours of the day and night, depending upon WiFi availability at the various terminals.

However we finally manage to get there, hopefully we will be in Seattle soooooon. To my loyal blog minions in the area, drop me a line if you want to get together!

Of course, a nice long flight will give me ample opportunity to have a think about Nine Tenths of the Law, not to mention do some revisions on Playing With Fire, With The Band, and Breaking The Rules. I have reams of manuscripts to keep me entertained, since my laptop battery is worthless. Between YOOGN and my Neo, though, I have no excuse not to work. So work I will. And, assuming I don't finish them before I leave, I will print and read - and likely SQUEE over - Libbie's latest three chapters. Seriously, I'm not even fan of historical fiction, but this book pwns. Yes...PWNS.

Oh, and before I sign off, mad props to Scarlett for doctoring the snot out of my query for Playing With Fire. The book isn't not ready to submit yet, but soon. SOOOOOOOON. And I will submit it with much confidence because it will be sailing under the Flag of Win that is a Scarlettized Query Letter. All I need now is a Scarlettized Synopsis, and I will be unstoppable. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

*cough* Anyway.

Signing off for now, hopefully to blog again soon from the Emerald City.

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  1. Good luck getting on the flight! :-)

    All those hours with nothing to do but work on your writing. Sweet!

    *Menny hugz*