Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going BATTY!

Bats are freaking adorable. I don't care what anyone says. And here on Okinawa, we don't just have bats, we have BIG BATS. Flying Foxes, as they're called. Tonight, we went out looking for them, hoping to get a few lucky shots, and as luck would have it...both the light and the bats cooperated.

On the way there, we went down the seawall hoping to see the dude that walks his bull. He was there yesterday (and of course, I was sans camera), but today? Not. We did, however, see this shining example of tide table fail...
So at least we saw something entertaining. Then it was onto the base where a particular tree seems to be a magnet for bats.

And there...

We found...

How can you NOT adore that little face?
"I haz ninja climbing skillz": (I was looking at this guy straight on, rather than straight up...he really is climbing UP, not sideways)
Hangin' out...
Sticking tongue out = 85% increase in cuteness:
For some reason this one looks like he's plotting something...
"My branch! MINE!"
I'm pretty sure this is the one that peed on me. Note to self: Do not stand directly under a bat...
BATFIGHT!!! Seriously, these two were having some sort of noisy squabble.
So...cute...can't...contain it...must....SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!
Right about the time we were getting ready to call it a night, I finally managed to snap a few in flight. They're not great, but these little bastards are fast, so I was happy to get these:
"...requesting permission for a flyby..."

Just hangin' out...
Flyby Photo FAIL...
And we finally had to call it a night because of this:
Sun go down, light go bye bye, camera go "nuh uh".

Then we got home, and Midget let me know that she was decidedly unimpressed by my bat photography skills...
So there you have it...another day of battiness here on Okinawa. This will most likely be my last Okinawa photo blog entry before we leave for Seattle. So enjoy it. It's all you get for a while.


  1. So. Frickin. Cute.

    And the bats were cool, too! ;-)


  2. aww I was gonna ask if I could go with you guys! Can you take me there sometime???

  3. What a stupid question. Of course you can come with us. DUH. know...put something over your camera so nobody knows it's a Canon. We have standards, here...

  4. Great photos! I luv the bats! They are so cute!

    and kitty is adorable. I like mine best when she is sleeping.

  5. Which one said, "Your bullets cannot harm me; my wings are like a shield of steel!" ?