Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Okay. Let's get something straight here.

Pirates shaped like Johnny Depp?

HOT. Case in point:
However...Pirates who steal unreleased books and put them out on the internet for people to download?


Not that it's cool to pirate books that are already released, but come on! At least this narrows the list of possible guilty parties, since only a handful of people had copies.

A special note to whoever leaked it:
In your darkest hour and most desperate moment,
may your local pharmacy run out
of Preparation H.

Moving on to considerably less irritating topics, I may have to make a trip back to the States in 2010. My parents have already tried to lure me back with Spock the Kitten, but now they've added this little piece of cuteness to the mix...Chase, the King Charles Spaniel puppy:
"Arrrr...I'm vicious..."
So, to summarize:

Sexy pirates? WIN!
Cute puppies? WIN!
Pirating books? FAIL.

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