Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Mancandy - Soaking Wet

Why yes, it is Friday again here in Japanistan, and yes, you read the title right. This week's Friday Mancandy features men...soaking wet.

Do I really need to explain why? I mean, seriously...
What's not to love about a man who's freaking drenched?
Especially since being dripping wet is really an all-purpose look, whether he's in a casual mood...
Or perhaps dressed a bit more professionally...
Hell, one of the reasons Joaquin Phoenix went batshit crazy was that he was just too damned hot. If they didn't keep him like this...
...then this would happen:
And of course, some men look so good this way, it becomes their natural environment.

Particularly if they are Australian and go by the name "Ian Thorpe":
Oh, but what good is a picture of a swimmer without a good look at his chest and shoulders?

Fortunately, I found such a picture:
And, as I've mentioned before, we here at Adventures in Navy Wifing do not discriminate...and let's face it, this looks pretty good on teh laydeez too:
But there exists one thing that is exponentially hotter than a sexy man or gorgeous woman who is soaked to the skin.

Simple math would indicate this should be twice as hot, but oh no, it's much...much...MUCH hotter.

That would be...

Quite simply...


Particularly when it involves, oh, Hugh Jackman?
Or perhaps some Jonathon Rhys Meyers...
This concludes this week's Friday Mancandy. Tomorrow, a more sensible blog that will most likely be writing-related. Next week? Who knows? :D Just a reminder, feel free to comment/e-mail with suggestions for themes and new faces.

I hope you've all enjoyed.


  1. Jesus Hairy Christ. Thorpey.

    I would kill for a piece of that. I really would.

  2. Very good choice.

    I just have three words to say to you...

    Where's James McAvoy????

  3. Amanda - I couldn't find a pic of McAvoy soaking wet, or believe me, I'd have posted it.

  4. You should check out my most recent blog post. =]