Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Burnout. I has it.

It's once again time to take a few days off from writing to reboot, clear out the cobwebs in my brain, and recharge a bit. Yes, I'm grounding myself again. I've got some projects in the works that I'm really excited about, but it's been nothing but word dentistry. 5,000 words a day is usually perfectly comfortable for me, but lately, it's taken everything I have to produce 3,000.

So. Everything is going on hold until January 15. I'm taking 10 days off to clear my head.

Now, that doesn't mean putting my feet up and doing nothing. I have three manuscripts that need attention, plus I'm getting responses back from beta readers on World Enough and Time (thanks Vanessa, Libbie, Ruth, and S.M.!), so I need to spend some time with Connor. I'm also going to get some queries together and resume subbing Playing With Fire, Camera Shy, The Best Man, and a few others.

On the 15th, Cover Me resumes. It's currently sitting around 10,000 words, and I do like it so far. I like it a lot. So, I want to approach it with a clear head, and right now, a clear head I have not. This will also give me some time to do a little more homework and make sure some of my facts are straight, given that I know next to nothing about paramedics, undercover cops, and paranoid delusional crackheads, all of which play significant roles in the story.

I have spoken. My grounding commences immediately.

Never fear. This burnout is only temporary.

Besides, Henry Cavill is hot:
Now. Back to revising.


  1. Bless you for the Cavill. Me likes the Cavill. I bow before you in gratitude.