Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knock Knock Knock

What's that knocking on my door?

Is it...the Lockniss Monsah coming to ask for tree fiddy?

No, not this time.

This time, it's opportunity. After a conversation with Libbie, I see a golden opportunity - a long shot, but an opportunity nonetheless - for World Enough and Time. I see it mostly because she kicked me in the ass repeatedly until I did so. Now, Cover Me is still coming along nicely (though I've had to rejig the outline again), but I get the feeling (mostly because of Libbie's foot meeting my ass) that I shouldn't sit around and let this slide.

So, it's back to World Enough and Time for a little while. I don't imagine it'll take me more than a week or so to revise it. Possibly two, and Libbie is under strict orders to commence foot-to-ass again if I'm not working on Cover Me again by Feb 6. It looks like I'll be knocking a few chapters out, possibly adding two or three, and modifying several others. Once they've met Scarlett's approval and she's blessed me with a query and synopsis? Off it goes, and I'm back to Cover Me.

And so help me God, I will finish Cover Me if I have to carve it into my own flesh. Shouldn't come down to that, but...I'm just sayin'.


  1. What about MY synopsis??

    I have a novel to query too!

  2. Yes, you do, but mine are prioritah. :D

  3. Jesus, I just choked on my tea. Tree fiddy!

  4. My foot is primed and ready -- eager, even -- to meet your ass on February 6th.

    Good luck, also.

  5. Just don't wear the steel-toed boots this time, 'kay??