Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slowly Recharging.

It's now day 2 of not writing, and the batteries are slowly recharging. I've spent some time revising World Enough and Time and Playing With Fire, not to mention compiling a list of agents upon whom I intend to inflict both books. 2010 is the year I get an agent and that's final.

The main characters of Cover Me are starting to knock on the inside of my skull and demand attention again, so I'll take that as a good sign. With any luck, by the time the 15th rolls around, I'll be going out of my mind wanting to write again. With a little more luck (and, you know, some "sitting down and doing it" on my part), I'll have some of the necessary research done to make the book in question realistic. Write what you know, indeed. (As an aside, Kuwisdelu touched on the subject of writing what you know in this blog entry)

Assuming the weather cooperates on Eddie's next day off, we'll be going out to get more pictures of the various sights of Okinawa. We've been informed of a really sweet farmer's market not far from here, so it's quite high on the to-do list. So...expect some Japanistan pics soon.

That's all for now. Since tomorrow is Friday, expect another installment of Friday Mancandy. Here's a sneak preview of tomorrow's theme:
Actually, that picture has nothing to do with tomorrow's mancandy theme. I just wanted an excuse to put up a pic of a young, sane, bathed Joaquin Phoenix in cammies. So there he is. Tomorrow? You'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. You pimped my blog. You bitch!

    I will read your books for this.