Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Mancandy - Rockin' the Guyliner

You knew it was coming eventually, and here it is. I've been in the mother of all "blah" moods lately, so I'm posting something that makes me happy.

Specifically, men with eyeliner. Love it or hate it, I love it. No idea why, I just do. And so, here's a short mancandy entry in an attempt to lift my own spirits for the day.

Adam Lambert loves it...
Even James Purefoy rocked it back in the days of Rome:
Now, any of my loyal blog minions had to have known this was coming...

Guyliner to the power of three...

Or, 30 Smudges to Mars:
Some more Jared...
And just in case you missed it, he took the liberty of drawing your attention to it:
More Shannon...
But you didn't think this was going to be all about the Letos, did you?
There. Guyliner.


  1. Oh, if only I had a picture for you, Angelo would fit right in.

  2. So....I totally had a dream about Johnny Depp trying to seduce me this morning. Sadly, I'm apparently too loyal to my husband and turned him down. Repeatedly.
    It seemed appropriate to share. :D

  3. Hello :)!
    I just joined the awesome Dreamspinner Press author community; I opened a blog to keep in touch with the other authors. I'm now 'following' your blog - while trying to figure out exactly how this platform works :)!

    It's very nice to meet you.