Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ahhh, there you are, writing mojo.

Yesterday was my most productive day in a long, long time: 7,500 words. My goal was 7,000, and by the time I reached it, I was too close to the end of a chapter to stop. So, I finished it, and now Light Switch is past the 60,000 word mark. Hooray!

I'm off to a slower start today, but I'm working on a somewhat more difficult scene, so I'm not terribly concerned. I'm just glad to be making some serious headway on this book. It's nowhere near complete (I suspect it'll be around 120,000 when it's done), but with each passing day, I'm getting closer to the end...and the book is safer and safer from the dreaded Wangstbasket.

Oddly enough, with 60,000+ words, I've only completed 9 out of 40 chapters. I've started all but 8 chapters, though. Some of them have a few hundred words, some are well over 3-4,000. Hopefully that means I'll be finishing a few of them soon, since a good many of them are nearly complete. Yes, I know, I'm weird...I write bits and pieces of chapters, I write out of sequence, etc. But hey, it gets the book written one way or another.

It remains to be seen if the first draft will be done before I leave for Seattle, but at the very least, it'll be close to finished. Considering I spent most of March and the beginning of April wallowing in chemically-induced depression, I'm just glad to see the word counter on the move again, whether I finish it before I leave or not.

So...good times, and back to work with me...


  1. Great. Now please be sending some mojo vibes my way.

  2. There is something wrong with this blogisode.

    I think you know what that is.

    DON'T let it happen again.