Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moving right along...

Getting back into the groove has been a challenge, especially since the book I'm working on is a challenge in and of itself, but I'm getting there. Though I took the last two days off, the preceding five days were quite productive. Yay!

Today, Light Switch had damn well better leave the 50,000 word mark in the dust. I've got two weeks before I leave for the States, assuming flights cooperate, and I want to be either done with this draft or close to it by the time I go.

This book has definitely been challenging. It has nearly as many of those scenes(tm) as Between Brothers, but they're, shall we say, a different variety. This story revolves very heavily around BDSM, which is something I haven't written before (hence all the reading I had done that spawned this rant). Well, I haven't written much of it before. The Next Move, Between Brothers, and Nine Tenths of the Law all have "light" BDSM scenes in them, but Light Switch deals directly with the BDSM lifestyle and the relationship dynamics therein. So those scenes(tm) have a markedly different "feel" to them than those of my other books. Add to that the fact that such scenes are, by a long shot, the most difficult scenes for me to write, and you can see why this book hasn't exactly been easy.

That said, the story is starting to fall together, and my characters have been taking over left and right. It's still a long way from finished, but I think this one might be safe from the Wangstbasket.

With any luck, it'll also come in right around 100,000 words, which will make it one of my longest books yet. Excel seems to have this crazy notion that it'll be well past that mark. Fuck you, Excel. This book is not going to go past 120,000 words and that is final.

So anyway, Light Switch is coming along. Looking at my folders of "to be written" story ideas, let me just say that if anyone hears me whining about "I have nothing to write!" over the next 6 months, do smack me upside the head. My cup runneth over, and the biggest challenge post-Light Switch will be figuring out which project to start on: rewriting With The Band, rewriting Playing With Fire, one of four new ideas (including Through a Glass, Libbie, I haven't forgotten about it!), or the might-happen-but-I-haven't-decided-yet sequel to one of my published books. Yeah, I have plenty to do.

Anyway, there's the latest update. Back to work with me.

And just in case any of my loyal blog minions have forgotten, James Purefoy is hot.
That is all.

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  1. Words, words, words, blah, blah- JAMES! <3

    That man is so stupendously uberhot, he does a CTRL-ALT-DEL on my brain whenever I see his photo.

    Can you imagine what he'd be like in the FLESSSHHH?