Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Mancandy - Touring Europe

Yes, it's Friday here in the Land of the Rising Sun, and it's been far too long since I've posted a Friday Mancandy blog. So today, we'll be touring Europe to see the spectacular man- (and lady-) shaped wonders the continent has provided for us. Sadly, that means this post will be devoid of any members of the entirely American 30 Seconds to Mars, but I'm sure we'll all survive.

Our first stop on the tour is England. Screw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and beans on toast. I want to see some Jeremy Northam:
Which, of course, would simply be a warm-up for the true jewel of England's Mancandy Crown, James Purefoy:
One picture of Purefoy is never enough, so here's another one:
Then we have the gorgeous cast of The Tudors...starting with Henry "I'm not a manwhore but I played on on TV" Cavill...
Still on the set of The Tudors, there's the lovely Natalie Dormer, who makes a hot brunette...
...or blonde:
To round out the trifecta of Tudor hotness, we have Jonathon "I look good no matter what century I'm in" Rhys Meyers...
See? 16th century or 21st, he's still hot:
Annnnnd as long as we're looking at hot Irish actors, I would be remiss if I didn't allow you to feast your eyes on some Farrell:
Just in case that wasn't enough:
Now it's off to Scotland for a nibble of McAvoy...
And a bite of Butler...
Mr. Butler, we have been through this time and again. What did I tell you about wearing clothing on my blog?
Much better. And...oh...muuuuuch better:
That's what I thought. Don't let it happen again.

Remember at the beginning of this blog entry, when I said this episode of Friday Mancandy would be devoid of 30 Seconds to Mars members, seeing as they're all American?


Guitarist Tomo Milicevic is Croatian-born, and therefore gives me an excuse to include some guylinered 30 Seconds to Mars goodness with today's mancandy:
This concludes the Friday Mancandy Tour of Europe. Coming soon: The Tour of Australia.

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